Kevin Garvey, Sr.
Portrayed byScott Glenn

OccupationChief of Police (Formerly)

AffiliationMapleton Police Department (Formerly)

ResidenceMapleton, NY, U.S.A.

FamilyKevin Garvey, Jr. - Son
Tom Garvey - Grandson
Jill Garvey - Granddaughter
Laurie Garvey - Daughter-in-law
First Appearance"Penguin One, Us Zero"
Gallery (9)

Kevin Garvey, Sr. is Kevin Garvey's father and Mapleton's former Chief of Police, who was hospitalized for hearing voices after the Departure. He is now on a personal mission.


Before the Sudden DepartureEdit

Based on his tattoos, Garvey is a Vietnam veteran who was part of the 173rd airborne battalion. After the war, Garvey could not fit in, fathered a son, and joined the French Foreign Legion, disappearing from Kevin's life for three years. [1]

Garvey later served as the Chief of Mapleton Police Department, alongside his son.

After the Sudden DepartureEdit


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