Sam's mother is a Mapleton resident who lost her son in The Sudden Departure.


Before the Sudden DepartureEdit

On the 14th of October, she was at a laundry mat arguing with someone over the phone and trying to stop her son Sam from crying. She loaded Sam into her car and had a moment to think.

After the Sudden DepartureEdit

She suddenly realised Sam had stopped crying and turned around to see he was missing. Scared, she got out the car and looked around, she saw a boy shouting for his daddy and then witnessed Matt and Mary's car accident. She began to scream and ask for help from passersby.

3 years later, she has a brief converstion with Kevin while at a bar, and they talk about where both of them were when the departure happened.

Horrified about the Guilty Remnants putting a doll of Sam into her car, she has a break down and joins other residents of Mapleton to attack the GR She begins shooting at them but its unclear if she killed anyone.