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The Leftovers -- Season 1
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The Garveys At Their Best

1x09 FatherAndSon



Air dateAugust 24, 2014

Running time57 minutes

Production code4X5709

Written byDamon Lindelof & Kath Lingenfelter

Directed byDan Sackheim

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"The Garveys At Their Best" is the ninth episode of Season 1, and overall the ninth produced hour of The Leftovers. It originally aired on August 24, 2014.


Kevin tries to suppress his bad habits while tracking down a marauding deer in Mapleton. Laurie receives not-unexpected news amidst a rising sense of foreboding. Tom connects with his past, against his better judgment. Nora has a job interview; Kevin Garvey, Sr. receives an honor.

October 13, 2011Edit

October 14, 2011Edit



Recurring ThemesEdit

Cultural ReferencesEdit

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