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Tom Garvey
Portrayed byChris Zylka


OccupationFormer college student

AffiliationWayne Gilchrest

ResidenceMiracle, TX, U.S.A.

OriginMapleton, NY, U.S.A.

FamilyKevin Garvey - Father
Laurie Garvey - Mother
Jill Garvey - maternal half-sister
Kevin Garvey, Sr. - Grandfather
Michael - Biological father; biological paternal half-brother
First Appearance"Pilot"
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Tom Garvey is Kevin and Laurie Garvey's son who followed Holy Wayne, a powerful prophet. Back with his family, Tom has started working with Kevin in the police department.


Before the Sudden DepartureEdit

After the Sudden DepartureEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Post-departure, Tom witnessed two students jump off of a roof at college.
  • Kevin is Tom's adopted father/step-father. Tom's real father is named Michael. Michael has another son from another relationship.

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